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Missy Elliott

Rapper, Singer & Songwriter

Jamie Foxx

Actor, Comdeian & Singer


Ralph Northam

Former Governor of Virginia

I’m voting yes for One Casino + Resort because this project will provide economic opportunity and 4,500 jobs for some of our most underserved communities as well as bringing the city and state much needed revenue for schools, roads, and more!

Terry McAuliffe

Former Governor of Virginia

Think about what’s going to happen here in Richmond, VA. Construction: 3,000 jobs. 1,500 permanent jobs. $50 million a year that’s gonna help schools, hospitals, everything else. I’m so excited. … We need to do this. Let’s bring it home. Let’s vote yes on this. It’s great for Virginia. It’s great for Richmond. And it’s going to help our schools. And it’s important. Let’s take Virginia to the next level.

Richmond Highway Neighborhood Civic Association

Comprised of the businesses & homes nearest to the proposed project site

Our neighborhood wants this casino and resort. For the jobs, for the tax revenue, for the community benefits. One Casino + Resort is not the best choice, it’s the perfect choice.
Charles Willis, President

Jeff Bourne

Delegate, 71st House of Delegates District

Lamont Bagby

Delegate, 74th House of Delegates District

Cheryl Burke

Chair, Richmond School Board

I urge all Richmonders to flip their ballot over and vote YES for ONE Casino + Resort. $50 million a year in new tax revenue will help us take Richmond Public Schools to the next level. This project will help ensure our kids can learn and grow in state of the art classrooms, new buildings, have access to broadband, and so much more. We need ONE Casino + Resort!

Andreas Addison

Richmond City Council, 1st District

I support jobs, entertainment, and tourism and am voting YES for the Casino Referendum and you should too.

Ann-Frances Lambert

Richmond City Council, 3rd District

I am voting yes for the casino which is a YES! for Richmond!

Kristen Larson

Richmond City Council, 4th District

I am voting yes for the casino referendum and you should too!

Stephanie Lynch

Richmond City Council, 5th District

Looking forward to supporting the nation’s only black-owned casino – this will create jobs and revenue for better city services. Game on!

Ellen Robertson

Richmond City Council Vice Prsident, 6th District

I am voting yes for ONE Casino and Resort and you should too!

Cynthia Newbille

Richmond City Council President, 7th District

Council member Newbille voted “YES” to the ONE Casino referendum, and asks you to join her to bring this major economic development project to Richmond. Vote “YES” for the ONE Casino referendum when you go to the polls.”

Reva Trammell

Richmond City Council, 8th District

ONE Casino and Resort will not cost the taxpayers of Richmond one red penny.  We need the benefits it will bring, now.

Michael Jones

Richmond City Council, 9th District

A company wants to invest half-a-billion dollars in an economically depressed area that has ability to raise its development trajectory; you do the deal.  Vote yes on ONE Resort and Casino

Kym Grinnage

Vice President & General Manager, NBC 12

… It did not take me long to develop an opinion on the right choice, especially when I looked at all the huge benefits that come along with this excellent opportunity for Richmond and the greater Richmond region. Entertainment coupled with economic development is a definite yes for me. …

Richmond Free Press

Richmond Crusade for Voters

Virginia State Conference NAACP

Richmond Branch NAACP

Virginia Asian Foundation

On this past Tuesday, October 12, 2021, the Richmond VA Branch NAACP voted unanimously to endorse the One Casino Project. … The project will create 3,000 construction jobs and 1,500 permanent jobs with a focus on minority and local hiring: ONE will set a goal of having Richmond residents comprise at least 60% of its workforce AND ONE will have a workforce diversity goal of 50% for the construction and operation. That means that the people building and running ONE will be representative of the diversity that makes Richmond unique.

Chamber RVA

ONE is a $565 million economic development project, offering great jobs, that will have ripple effects benefitting all of Richmond. Economic development projects like this one are critical to ensure the entire Richmond business community is successful.
Brian Anderson, President & CEO

Richmond Region Tourism

ONE will attract tourists up and down the East Coast, enabling the region to compete against Norfolk, Portsmouth, Danville, and Bristol – cities that are already taking advantage of the jobs, tax revenues and vibrant energy that casino resort destinations bring. Richmond can’t afford to miss this tourism opportunity.
Jack Berry, President & CEO

Metropolitan Business League

ONE really puts Richmond on the map and is going to garner a lot of attention for our city. The tax revenue generated from this project will also provide critical resources for essential city needs and help keep taxes down.
Floyd E. Miller II, President & CEO

Greta Harris

President & CEO, Better Housing Coalition

Every great city has a long-term economic development strategy that transforms investments into benefits for their community. ONE Casino + Resort, and multiple future investments, will promote needed growth for our city. Don’t get hung up on a casino, say yes to a tremendous economic investment that will attract more economic investments for our shared future success. Vote yes for the casino referendum!

Todd “Parney” Parnell

COO, Richmond Flying Squirrels

As the CEO of the hometown Flying Squirrels, I support Yes votes for ONE Casino to bring even more FUNN to the Richmond region, and many events to GO NUTS at year round.

Dr. Kenneth Stoner

Owner, Happy Smiles Family Dentistry

McGuire Civic Association

The folks who live in our communities support this project, not only because we understand how it will benefit Southside and our neighborhoods, but also because we recognize that this will lift up the whole city with 4,500 new jobs and $500 million in new revenue!
Carolyn Johnson, President

Broad Rock Merchants Association

Oak Grove Civic Association