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Economic Benefits

ONE will produce economic benefits that will lift up and benefit all of Richmond, including:


in new tax revenue

ONE will generate more than $500 million in new tax revenue and community benefits for the city during its first 10 years. That’s new money for our schools, roads, and other city priorities which could prevent future tax increases on Richmond taxpayers.


paid by Richmond taxpayers

Not a dime would be spent by the city to construct or operate ONE. State law prevents communities from contributing in any way to the construction of a casino in their community. And in fact, ONE will even reimburse the city for the costs of the selection and search process earlier this year.


total investment

ONE will invest $565 million in the Richmond community to make ONE a reality, prioritizing local and diverse construction partners and union participation in its construction.


tourists to Richmond

How will all that tax revenue be generated? By the more than 3.7 million annual visitors estimated to visit ONE. That is people coming from across the country to stay here, tour here, eat here, sleep here, and spend their money here!


in total economic impact

Taken altogether, the financial commitments by one during construction and ongoing operation of the casino, increased tourism, and increased economic activity because of the project is projected to create over a $5.7 billion economic impact for the Richmond community over its first ten years -- lifting up and benefiting all of Richmond.